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 *Crickets cheerping* ...Hello?

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*Crickets cheerping* ...Hello? Empty
PostSubject: *Crickets cheerping* ...Hello?   *Crickets cheerping* ...Hello? Empty05.05.08 16:01

Hey guys, I haven't been on in a while, but after logging in just a few moments ago, I realized that no new posts have been made in a good long while. I figured we could all catch up here.

Got GTA4 and I'm playing that with reckless abandon, but I've also been hanging out with my guild buddies in GW and having a blast at that. I hope fro will join us...

Summer's almost here where I'm at, so that means I'll be working a lot, and hopefully making enough money to buy a sweet laptop so I can play games and keep up with you guys at college. Still hoping to get a pimpin' Alienware. I've been running the hills out by my house with my dog after school in an attempt to stay in shape. I'll be working for my father, who is a beekeeper in case you didn't know, and the work we do is very strenuous.

I've got worries that my Xbox 360 may potentially crap out on me(which wouldn't be uncommon I guess geek ) and I really hope that doesn't happen because I'd be really angry Mad and sad Crying or Very sad

I saw Ironman at the theaters just yesterday and I thought it was waaaay better than Spider Man and I'm fitfully awaiting the coming of the new Indiana Jones movie, even if Harrison Ford is wrinkled like a raisin. Hopefully, Sheia Lebouf is a good sidekick.

Later afro
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*Crickets cheerping* ...Hello?
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